Alright guys, Cuz and I like to go fishing a lot, and sometimes peeps ask us to tell them what we use. So here on my newly started blog site I am going to list some of the gear we have and where to buy them online. My blog takes you to Amazon.com so you can also read some reviews there.  So we went to a lighted fishing pier at night and I tell you we caught some fish.  Yeah they were not very big but this system that we use always works even for the big fish.  Sometimes they are there and sometimes they are not.  Most of the time they come around 4 am until morning, and sometimes they are there all night.  So here is the video >>>>>>>>>HouArtFishing<<<<<<<<<<< AKA my cuz posted.


Lew's AH1H American Hero Speed Spool Baitcasting Reel
Lew’s AH1H American Hero Speed Spool Baitcasting Reel


Attached is some of the gear we used.  This is what my set up is with baitcast reel and rod.  They are not as expensive as some of the other items of the same quality.

>>>>>>>BUY HERE<<<<<<<<<<




Berkley Cherrywood HD casting
>>>>>>>BUY HERE<<<<<<<< Berkley Cherrywood HD casting


Of course you can never go wrong with live bait but, sometimes specks just want artificial bait.  I like to use 2 lures at the same time.  I use a lure trailing system which entails,  curly tails at the back of the initial lure about 15″ inches away. For the larger lure I like to use pretty much any larger saltwater plastic that is the same color. My top choice and the lure i was using is down below (Cocahoe minnow).  Click on it and follow to amazon if you want to purchase it online.  If not you can also pick them up at your local fishing or camping store.  I like to purchase a lot of my stuff online cause its easier to have it in stock for when a good fishing day arises.


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Cocahoe Minnow
 >>>>>>>>BUY HERE<<<<<<<<<<< Cocahoe Minnow


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