First of all I want to start by saying that drones are now cheaper than ever. I remember  I wanted one so bad years ago but I new that I was going to spend an arm and a leg just to acquire one.  Especially since i do photography on the side, i wanted a drone to do some areal images of weddings, venues, landscapes, etc.  One thing i can tell you is this is a perfect starter drone for anyone. It is easy to operate and takes great video.  You can view

 a live image stream from half a mile away on the DJI Go Mobil app. The flights are GPS assisted which help you concentrate on getting great images while the drone helps you fly safely.  Now what we really want to know is how long does it last with the battery.  A lot of my buddies ask me the same question.  Actually it’s the first question they always ask; This drone has a flight time of 25 minutes with the included intelligent battery.  It comes with a range of accessories when you purchase it.  The video quality is 2.7K HD with  12 megapixel capability.  I am a photographer at heart and as a hobby.  This is a great buy on Amazon for anyone like me who wants to have a new drone with large capabilities without spending an arm and a leg.


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