Today it seems that the most talked about items on the market is fidget spinners.  Lets get down and dirty with it; They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. different colors, and some spin faster that others.  From very expensive to least expensive.  What I can tell you is that the  more you spend on it the better quality its going to be. For example some fidget spinners are made with traditional metal ball bearings; which cause it to spin fast and for long periods of time.  Some fidget spinner are made with different material ball bearings(ceramic), which cause to spin longer and faster than traditional ball bearings.  Here is a list of some fan favorites to purchase on Amazon.

1.  Phoenix Spinners Tri Spinner Fidget Toy

This Spinner has a 4.7 rating on Amazon. Its made with  premium stainless steel R188 Center bearings which can spin for 2-4  minutes. It only cost $8.99 at amazon


2. ELOVEN Hand Spinner EDC Fidget Toy

This spinner has a 5 star rating on Amazon.  It has a 3-5 Minute Average Spins in hand or on a Table Top and has Precision Metal Stainless Steel Bearing.   Easy to carry, small enough to carry in the pocket, simple, discrete and fun to play everywhere . And one big plus is that it is not noisy at all.

 3.  Fidget Spinner by TeeJay

I simply just like the colors on this fidget spinner.  It has a traditional design  and comes in different colors.  If you have fidgety hands that always need to be doing something, or you’ve been stressing over something, this will work for you. Plus you cant beat the price for this spinner. Its only $6.99 on Amazon.



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